Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Secret Santa!

This another scheduled post so hope blogger is doing his thing.
I meant to share this sooner so that my Secret Santa can see that I have started on the crochet flowers.............
I haven't got very far and it will probably take me until this Christmas to get them finished!
I am so envious of people who can crochet as it is such a brilliant craft......still getting to grips with the basics........just need more time.

Thanks Secret Santa I will keep you updated with the progress.
Hope you have a good day.
Thanks for stopping by today.
Hugs Sally xxx


  1. You clever girl Sally!!! I love crochet and have recently started again...fills in time at Mums! keep it up hugs margaret

  2. oooh crochet, wonderful relaxing craft, good for you learning something new ...

  3. I keep meaning to have a go at these but unfortunately I am a knitter and my sister the crochet. I will have to get her to give me some lessons.

    Your flowers are going to look stunning on your cards.


  4. My friend tried to teach me how to make crochet flowers and I failed miserably lol. I love seeing them on cards...maybe if I practise more. Good luck Sally...look forward to seeing them on your cards...soon!! xx

  5. Looking good Sally, I wouldn't know where to start!
    Helen x


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Hugs Sally xxx

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