Sunday, 11 April 2010

Great Bargains from Ikea...........

The more I try to tidy up my craft room the worse it seems to get...I am just not really that organised....I keep trying but I am just basically untidy.
I keep moving things round in my room to try and make it a better working space. 
I saw some storage ideas on the internet this morning and thought I would get a small storage unit for my looked really good and was about £20....not bad I thought.....
Well we had to take a trip to Ikea as Mike needed some light bullbs for work.....while we were there we looked for storage ideas and we found some great bargains

Glass storage jars for £1.49 - great for paper flowers and buttons.....i got two of those.
A metal curtain pole which was just the right diameter to fit rolls of ribbon on....and again £1.49 what an absloute bargain.  See in the picture below that Mike has fitted under the existing  shelf on my desk.....brilliant :)
A set of 4 small glass jars which were also £1.49 and a couple of baskets which should hang on a rail in a kitchen for spice jars etc......which one i have put my wooden backed rubber stamps in and the other some packets of buttons and the 4 small storage jars.
I was alos treated to a new office swivel lucky am I?  So I have tried to tidy up one area which i will share with you and the rest of the room I will share as I tidy it up!!!
Thanks for looking.
Hope you all have a good week.
Hugs Sally xx


  1. This all looks great, nice , neat and tidy. I love the idea with the ribbons, mine are tangled in boxes!!!. Elaine

  2. I just wish it would stay as tidy as it is in these photos.........within an hour it was a mess again!!! ;-)

  3. I love fab storage ideas - and a curtain pole - fab idea

  4. Hi Sally, I've just had a trip to Ikea for a new table to craft on and reorganised my space. The pole is a great idea.
    Love Cherie


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